A Long Time Coming: Charlotte's Web Shawl Variation

 2005 marks the year when my fascination with shawls began. I become fixated on making a Charlotte's Web shawl with Koigu KPPM Yarn from Maia Landra. I think I started the shawl and ripped it out at least 50 times before I packed it all away and decided I needed more learning time before I could attempt making this shawl again. Along the way I picked up my shawl 'bible', "Folk Shawls", by Cheryl Oberle and have been gradually working my way though the patterns. As I worked on my first lace pattern from the book , "The Heartland Shawl" I thought I had hit the same snag. I kept starting and ripping again. I thought I was doomed to never be ale to try a lace pattern!
 I posted a plea for help on Ravelry and, surprise, Cheryl Oberle herself, answered my query. Such a simple thing - use markers! Ah! The Heartland shawl was a success (and I want to make another one) thanks to that one, most important tip. Earlier this summer I decided I would tackle the Charlotte's Web shawl once again - this time with success! The shawl is supposed to have long fringe all the way 'round and, quite honestly, fringe is not my favorite thing since I always seem to get it caught in car doors or something equally silly. I decided I wanted to add a slightly ruffled edge instead. Once again I turned to the pages of Ravely for help. 'Pamelatoo' came to my aid with perfect, succinct instruction about how to add a ruffled edge.
I am so happy with this new shawl. I think I will use it a lot - and I am happy that I changed the edge too.  This is lightweight 'summery' shawl - smaller than the big winter snugglie shawls that I love so well. I can see using this a lot during the winter at work - when a sweater is too much but I still need just a bit of extra warmth. Hooray ! I conquered my lace phobia and love t now thanks to the helpful people on Ravelry. On my needles now? The Stora Dimun shawl from, where else, "Folk Shawls" !


  1. That's nice and will be fun to wear.

  2. Marie, that is truly STUNNING. Awe inspiring. I am forever in awe of knitters, especially of this compexlity. I'm becoming obsessed with shawls as well, though I weave them on triangle looms. Not nearly as complex, but cozy...anyway, congratulations on such an achievement! I'm going to check out your website now.

  3. Marie, I can always count on you for wishing myself into a creativity coma or creativity drunk...ya know, where I could forego all other human necessities for exploring all craft and art temptations :) That shawl is beautiful!

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