Glinter Beads from Elephant Eye Beads

I noticed these beads in some online article from Beading Daily. Since they were advertised as a silver substitute I had to have a look. Silver has gotten so expensive!  The bead designs were lovely and the cost was modest. I decided I had to give a few of the beads a try.

The Beading Daily article highlighted a photograph of a strand of multi-colored Glinter beads and, when I couldn't find them on the web site I wrote to Elephant Eye and asked about. They were kind enough to tell me that the beads shown in the article had been an experiment made by soaking the beads in Liver of Sulphur. I had some on hand and so I tried it out. Unfortunately, I left them out too long to get the variety of gentle colors I wanted but I did achieve a nice patina effect. The strand on the top began life looking like the brushed Glinter beads below. Leaving them in the Liver of Sulphur too long gave them a nice aged brass color. Yes, I am going to try again and keep a closer eye on the time !

I think these beds are indeed a great substitute for the more expensive silver beads. I can see them made as earring or jewelry of course - but I also envision them on a spectacular quilt or quilted item. They are worth having a look at. I am not affiliated with Glinter or Elephant Eye - I'm just an always curious consumer of pretty things!

Elephant Eye Beads describes Glinter Silver Substitute as:

Glinter™-Silver Substitute is an almost care-free metal product that can be made into beads, clasps, earrings, headpins, charms, chain, and wire - as well as other items normally made with sterling silver. It doesn't tarnish like silver and it's not a plate so there is nothing to rub off. Glinter™ is a solid metal made of zinc and copper with a little silver added. When worn for a long time, as with all metals, it may possibly turn slightly dull. Glinter™ can be brightened by cleaning it with a polishing cloth or giving it a quick trip through an ultrasonic cleaner. It's a wonderful product as it wears so well and looks so good for an extremely long time. 

Glinter™ should be wearable by the majority of the population as it is lead, nickel and cadmium SAFE. It cannot be labeled nickel free but it has four times LESS nickel than most surgical steel jewelry, the most commonly used ear piercing material in the U.S. At the time of this writing no U.S. standard exists for nickel content in jewelry components.

Glinter™ is also considered lead SAFE as it exceeds the U.S. standard for lead content in jewelry.

Glinter™ is intended for use by adult consumers. Glinter™ is not intended for children under the age of 12....."


  1. So how have these Glinter beads worked out for you now that times has passed?


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