The Most Luxurious Scarf I Have Ever Owned

I've been drooling over "Touch Me" yarn from Muench for about 5 years, but it's terribly expensive (for me anyway) -comparable to the cost for cashmere - which is why I hadn't  bought any prior to knitting this scarf.  Prior to this winter I hadn't really worn scarves but this Winter I found them to a very useful item because since I had cervical surgery last year my neck has been a bit more sensitive to cold. I can't wear wool - even cashmere- on my neck so I had previously been relegated to silks (nothing bad about luscious silks!) and acrylic yarns for scarves. I decided to splurge and make a scarf from this utterly amazing yarn. 

People see the yarn and say "oh, chenille". Well, it is sort of like chenille I guess - but that just does not describe the luxury of this stuff. The fiber content is 72% rayon microfiber and 28% wool. 50 grams = 61 yards to a spool. Worsted weight. I used the very simple pattern for the Minimum Scarf from " The Knitting Experience: Book 1: The Knit Stitch " (page 29) by Sally Melville's as a guide. My scarf is 8.5 (21.59 cm) inches by 48 inches (121.90cm).  It's the most incredible, luxurious, feeling scarf that I've had in my hands and the drape is exquisite. What a wonderful splurge this was! I know that I will get a lot of use, and a lot of pleasure, from this beautiful scarf - the most luxurious I have even seen!

Next time you're at your LocalYarnStore see if they carry this yarn - I can almost guarantee that you 'll need to take a ball of it home- if only to enjoy the feel it !
The color is correct in the first photo- this one is too washed out , but illustrates the drape


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