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A couple of friends wrote about my post yesterday. They said that it would be helpful to see the shawl wrapped. Now, mind you, there's a reason that there are not many photographs of me out there and a reason why I am, generally speaking, the photographer and not the "photographee". I dislike the way I look ! Stacey suggested I take my own picture in the mirror. Well okay - here 'tis! The shawl does reach past way past my waist even when worn this way. I like this shawl!
When I put my camera down yesterday I looked at the screen and it had, magically, positioned itself on a word I had just written. The whole effect really fit the way I was feeling - serendipity!
Tizzy Tillie was being especially sweet - exploring the shawl as it was drying. Then she snuggled up on a quilt and under a pillow that was on my chair. I couldn't resist snapping a few photos of her! Last night I had nightmare about a shooting in a night club - seemed like it was during the 1930's or something. Just as a person I knew was about to be shot Tillie woke me up with a gentle paw on my face. I knew I was really moved by the dream because found out I had woke DH up - and because my pillow was damp with tears. Tillie must be a little guardian - she seems to know what's going on in my head!
 Taking a break from chasing bottle caps around and spreading catnip all over the floor!
 What a face! I am SO glad she chose to come home with us!
One of my ATC swap groups, Arts In The Cards, had a little envelope swap recently. We stuffed a 5" X 7" envelope with small bits of treasures and cloth. The photo above is what Karen sent. Too much fun!
The photo below is what Janice sent. My envelopes are ready to go in the mail. I love this group! WE have so much fun and the art that arrives in my mailbox is awesome!


  1. that is AWESOME! You look maaahvelous dahling! Truly! And of course Miss T is stunning as ever. The chicken (bird in crown) design on the lime green in the picture is just ADORABLE!!! Is that fabric or paper?

  2. You look a lot better than I do in photographs! And Tilly is such a beauty - can you tell I am now longing for another white cat?

  3. Sheesh! Get over it! You look great--although all we can see is your eyes, nose and mouth. Wear that shqwl with pride. Beautiful knitting. Janet in Friday Harbor

  4. Thats such a beautiful shawl and you wear it one likes photos of themselves i have to take umpteen before I am happy to put one on my blog....your cards are going in the post today a bit later than i thought so apologies for that teaching gets in the way of my creative life sometimes .....xx

  5. You're as cute as your kitty. But then we rarely like the way we look.

  6. you're beautiful in your beautiful scarf! So nice to SEE you :)

    You kinda favor Kristin LaFlamme.

  7. I think that's the first pic I've seen of you -- nice to have a face to the name and blog. Your cat is adorable. Your scarf looks so cozy.

    Our monthly ATC group is meeting this Saturday and we'll be doing a brown bag challenge -- meaning we each need to fill a brown bag with materials from our studios and swap -- then we'll bring the resulting cards to next month's meeting -- should be fun!


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