Weekend ATC Marathon

As always seems to happen to me in February I was just a tad behind. As a friend mentioned - February is only two days shorter than a regular month - but it always seems to catch me by surprise anyway! I had two groups that I needed to get ATC's made for this weekend. I just finished the largest batch - made for Arts In The Cards.

The theme was "reuse and recycle". Last Friday I grabbed some paper from the wastebasket and set it in a bowl of hot water and soap to macerate for a day or two and then I made some rough molds of faces. It was not a totally successful experiment but several of the faces were fun - and they appear on some of the cards. The other faces are made form polymer clay - they had been rejects from an earlier project. The cards themselves were all made from papers that I had created and previously rejected. With a little reworking and embellishment they became useful again!
My personal theme for this batch of cards is "Listen" and "Hear" - sparked by a quote from Epictetus that says" we were given one mouth and two ears so that we can listen twice as much as we speak". I like that quote!
Off to make the next round - only 6 this time - for my friends at Roses. Plus I am taking a one day class this coming weekend on an "invisible" applique technique - I need to get that all together too. Work tomorrow morning. I need a nap !


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