Happy Solstice To All ! .... and Walnut Inks From Tsukinenko

Wishing You All The Magic Of The Winter Solstice and The Peace of The Season !


Late in November my friend Lauren and I took a girl's day off island and hit some of the art supply places that  we occasionally miss being able to visit as much as we treasure our remote island life. I had been remarkable resolute with my plan to spend money judiciously - at least I had been prior to this visit to Michael's!

I had seen these Walnut Inks from Tsukinenko before and had passed over them thinking that were in, in all actuality, walnut inks - the sort I am familiar with using with dip pens. This time however, I took a look at the box this set came in and decided to give them a try. This was just my first look at the inks on paper and I can see some real play time int he future. They result in beautiful, rich colors in the warm, earthy tones I love. I'll share some play time soon but if you too have passed over these inks in the past you might consider trying a bottle. This set had, in order of the photo below: Terra -cotta, Eucalyptus, Walnut & Java.


  1. I have the Eucalyptist and love them. Really enjoying your Solstice pictures. They are lovely.

    So have a wonderful holiday season and may 2012 be even more wonderful than you can imagine.

  2. I have looked at them and know will have to purchase some. I get to go to the big city soon and my art supply list is long. ;)
    Wishing you a joyous holiday season and creative and fun filled new year.


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