Local Craft Supply Access Can Be A Wonderful Thing! Plus My Home When I Am Not At Home !

Most of you are aware that I live on a rural island. Going to a crafts store is an all day 'adventure' and the cost of the ferry service is making all but essential trips off island too costly. My friend, Janet, had told me that a new store had opened on island and that I needed to go and check it out. Of course, me being the laggard I can be, it took until yesterday to go and have a gander. I was thrilled to see a varied selection of many crafting essentials. From card making and scrapbooking to knitting, quilting, painting and paper crafts, we now have a pace to call home in our small community - and it is a very joyful thing ! Shop owner, Bonnie Turman, is ready and willing to help you find the tools you're looking for and is open to suggestions about what to add. She is already making plans to expand her shop! She stocks products from Fiskars, Ranger, Red Heart, and many other well know craft companies. Finally we have a local place to get our essentials - I breathed a sigh of relief as I left the shop - with a wee package in my hand I should add!  Thanks Bonnie - I hope you are swamped with business!

As I looked around my office yesterday I thought about what a nice space three of us are able to enjoy. In my most humble opinion we have the loveliest office in the County and, if I can't be home, this is a very decent second choice. Note that you can double click on these photos for a larger view (at least I hope you can!)
This is my work area. You can see that the plants really like the light - although the view itself is droll and uninteresting.
This is the view standing at the far end of my desk looking towards the entry door. We hung one of my quilts my my office mate's desk and it added a nice, warm feeling I think. Those of you who look hard at the picture will notice that there is a "license plate" on my bulletin board. It was a gift and it says "I'm A Princess"....


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