Knitting Addictions & Flat Santas

A friend gently chided me that I had not posted anything since Thanksgiving. How could all of that tie possibly have streamed ahead while I was not noticing?! I have been thinking about blogging though - gathering ideas for topics that I could write about without having something to show that I have produced - since sometimes I just can't keep up when projects take longer than expected or are in the process of being done yet nothing is completed. I have a LOT of book reviews to catch up with as well as some product reviews of some new toys that I've tried. Soon - very soon.

At any rate - these are what I've been up to and I am seriously addicted. This pattern is called the Holden Shawlette and it free pattern from a gifted designer named Mindy Wilkes -  she offers on Ravelry.
Made using Shaeffer heather yarns in the 'Indira Gandhi' colorway. It results in a slightly larger shawl.
These are the first two shawlettes that I made as gifts and I am now working on numbers 3 and 4! I've looked at lots of patterns both free and to purchase and this is really the nicest I've found. Perfect, I think, for a beginner lace pattern. Directions are both written and charted - and they are easy to follow and well done.
This shawlette is made with the recommended Malabrigo Sock yarn in 'Stone Chat' colorway. I have become seriously addicted to this yarn. It is luxurious, super soft, very 'drapeable' and offers the most lovely colors imaginable. It is, alas, a bit hard to find at the moment for some reason. Knitting Temptations has some available.  Their packaging is unique and pretty and their customer service is second to none

The Arts In The Cards group that I belong too had a voluntary swap for December. Some members really needed a break but some of us decided to Santa up for a "Flat Santa" challenge. I had no idea what that meant until I was told of the popular children's book called Flat Stanley. My Flat Santa is on the left and he is about 8" tall Friend Karen Musgrave made the middle Santa which is totally adorable and Janice Paine Dawes made the articulated limb-ed Flat Santa on the right.


  1. My kids were involved with "Flat Stanley" when they were kids and it was fun --- but nothing as awesome as those Flat Santas! Wow, they are creative and beautiful. How fun!

    And your shawls are amazing! I love the scalloped edges.

    I have been having trouble blogging since Thanksgiving as well. There is just so much going on!

    Happy Holidays! Merry Santas!

  2. really like the shawls....I need a project for while on vacation (a month!) and watching 6 seasons of Lost. This might be it.

  3. The Flat Santas are wonderful. The shawls - oh my!!!- they are gorgeous! If I ever get caught up, a shawl is next on the list. Hope you are having a sunny week.

  4. Your shawls are absolutely beautiful! Do you still do any spinning? You had a Spindolin several years ago - I just ordered one. I have wheels too but the Spindolyn looks intriguing.


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