An Amazing Birthday Gift

Friendships can take many forms. Some people may think that true friendship cannot exist beyond people that you actually see regularly. I can dispel that belief since I have made two, true, online friendships with Jeannie and Karen.

I "met" Karen when we began trading ATC's some years ago. From there our friendship has developed. Now we are in an intimate mixed media trading group of three. Karen, Linda Wyatt and myself. Our wee group has no boundaries when it comes to mixed media. It's been a wonderful journey together so far.

Today I was the lucky recipient of a wonderful, extraordinary birthday gift from my friend Karen Musgrave. Karen is an author, quilt historian, mixed media artist, quilter and, now, ceramic artist. I have been the lucky giftee of a couple of Karen's ceramics over the past year, but nothing can beat this amazing angel's wing. As a person who believes in angels this was an especially wonderful gift. I love quote that she included as well.
   The wing is a beautiful shape and the indigo coloring and intricate scribing makes this a special piece.
 How lovely!
Isn't this a wonderful card ?!

This is what Karen wrote about the beautiful tea set that she included in my amazing package. 
 It will my herbal tea preference an extra special drink!
What is special about this particular gift though is the information that Karen wrote as seen above.
What a wonderful thing to do Karen! Bravo!


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