Prayer Flags an Friends

Our first four prayer flags exchange.
Next round will be later this year.
A couple of days ago I got the gentle nudge from my friend Janet. Her email was short, and red something like - "no post since June 2nd!"  Really?! Could the time really go that fast I wondered?  On June 1st something went wrong with my back. I couldn't stand up! I was in very bad pain. Of course I considered going to the doctor often over the next few days because I was concerned that something had slipped from one of fusion surgeries, but I also wanted to give it time in case it was nothing more than a bad strain. Now, two weeks later I can stand and walk, but I am still having days when I have to think about how to get out of the bed. So I may end up getting checked out, but will give it more time. All of this simply means that I was not really up to doing too much - other than sitting and stitching.

SO - on to the good stuff.  First my apologies for the poor image quality. I was having some issues (as mentioned above) when I took these photos and, quite obviously, my performance was poor! The tops are all over exposed. Arghhh !!!

Our first prayer flag exchange! Early in the year three friends and I met for lunch with the aim of exchanging prayer flags. We considered shape, size, intentions and words. We compiled a list of words which included a list from Buddhist and Celtic beliefs as well as our personal 'words with meaning'. We chose what felt right. We will be working on round two later this year. For now, everyone is headed out on vacations or into their gardens, readying for our County Fair, or like me, enjoying the warmer weather.
Janet Wright chose to use the words "Ordinary Joy".  These two words hold powerful meaning for me. She used a field of deep blue and micro hand stitched all of those tiny silver seed stitches! I love the way she wrapped the threads that surround the heart !
Phew - now that's a lot of hand stitching!
Liz Pillow chose "Strength".
She is a fabulous painter of cloth and used her talent to create a wonderful symbol and then added a powerful quote
Linda Cooper chose the word "Compassion".
I love the power and the meaning of her choice of red fabric
 and the lotus symbols tie everything together. 
I chose "joy". Life is a cup full of joy.
 It's a word for living to me.
 It's what life is all about.
That being said, I like my flag the least.
 It looks a wee bit frenetic to me.
This is the prototype so I used bits of printed cloth -
the others were, at least, seam free.
I am committed to making my next round much better.


  1. Marie, each flag is gorgeous. I love the symbolism and the words chosen. I hope your back is mending and it is "just" a sprain (bad enough in its own right). Embrace the words and have them carry you forward!

  2. i am waving my "be well" flag your way! sonja


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