"Sew Together Bag" From SewDemented

I am a bag fanatic! I love making bags and I love using them.   I was intrigued when I saw this  "Sew Together" bag pattern for sale at one of my favorite online fabric shops, Pink Castle.  Compartments- oh how I love compartments in my bags! There is a section for sewing things, a section for knitting knick-knacks and one for whatever, plus you can put some larger things (I keep a needle case and a spool of thread in the "in-between" section. The background story behind the name of this extremely talented sewist's blog is quite interesting, but I could not find the link in her new blog - so now you have both links if you're interested.

This is not what I call an "easy-go" pattern. I think that the pattern is for an intermediate-advanced, sewist.  It took reading and more reading, and going slowly, for me to get through it, but it was worth it!  I used scrap pieces in making this first of what will now, most definitely, be a series of these little gems. I love this bag! It was well worth the time it too to make it. Of course, the funny thing is that as I was gathering links and information for this post I notice that there is even  Craftsy class  (for only $12.00!) on making this bag! Now, I don't feel as bad! I totally admire SewDemented for coming up with this amazing design. Personally, I felt that the pattern needs some more photos, but also, as a visual learner, I like as many photos as I can get!

When I first began knitting, knowing that I did not know what I was doing, I followed the instructions absolutely, even when things made no sense to me. I took that attitude in making this bag, and it paid off. 
This pattern comes as a folded pattern. I always like to put patterns in sheet protectors so that I can lay them out.

I used my all time favorite stabilizing batting, Inn-Control, from Innovative Craft Designs, for the outside portion of the bag. It's similar to using Soft'n'Stable.  I love the 'cushy' surface and the quilting stability that it offers. It makes the most of any bag pattern! Innovative Crafts also offer a fusbile Inn-Control Plus batting that I also like a lot. 

The outside of the bag, the red gusset section and one of the interior pockets.
How the interior pockets line up with the exterior, and the gussets that hold it all togeher.

The completed, scrappy looking bag. You can see where a larger item, like my needlecase, could fit into the "in-between" space .
The completed bag with the interior of the pockets showing
All neat and tidy!


  1. Mrs Jo that is "sew" pretty & colorful! Great job!


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