More Sentiment Woolie Blocks

I'm just making these small 6" blocks when the thought moves me. I have a limited amount of the background flannel. I can make another 6 blocks or so I think.  I am, I fear, becoming more and more addicted to hand work, or perhaps it is returning to hand work since I did a lot of hand applique for quite some time in years past. Below is a 16" block that I donated. I should have done the quilting by hand and I regret it, but I till have more of these intricate applique blocks left. I taught myself to applique by making a Dear Jane quilt. It is so much fun, it is also very satisfying. I love doing hand work, although now that I knit, it's always a bit of a tug-of-war in the evenings as to which I will do!

That was/is then - the 'woolies' are now!
 Above - a close up of my little flowers . I am using Aurifil lana wool thread. Luscious
 Of course I had to do a stitching block!
Close up below. I used Krenik silver braid wrapped with  
a strand of black wool thread 12 weight for the needle. 


  1. Marie, the blocks are wonderful! You appliqued vase of flowers is gorgeous. Ages ago I wanted to do a Baltimore Album quilt. I did in my head, but it seemed so intimidating. Your small block approach seems so much more doable. Have a wonderful week!


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