A Lucky Day!


I'm am not one of those lucky people who seem to be able to win a things. I'm am blessed, but not in that particular way. So it was with a dollop of incredulity that I read an email from Patricia Beleya (Okan Arts owner and nice person extraordinaire) telling me that I had won a Yoko Saito pattern compliments of Priscilla Knoble and Stitch Publications. I have had my eye on two of Yoko Saito's latest books...but my personal exchequer has, thus far, nixed the idea of adding them to my library.

One of those books is called "Houses, Houses, Houses". Hooray! Wee house designs are featured in this 'Parisian Bag' pattern - and that assuages my desire to have the book - at least for now!

Patricia Beleya - as owner of Okan Arts- sells the most amazing, tantalizing, specialarray of vintage Japanese yukata cloth on the planet. Plus she is a very gracious, talented, and lovely person.

Her friend, Priscilla Knoble, is the owner of Seattle based Stitch Publications (wholesale), while sister company, Willow Lane Quilting Company, (retail) is a purveyor or specialty fabrics, notions, books and all things Yoko Saito.

Thanks to Patricia and Priscilla for breaking my non-winning streak!



  1. Congrats! I have a couple of Yoko Sato's books and I love them. I haven't made anything from them yet, but I get them out and dream. Have fun!

  2. I am so glad you won them. No one is more deserving. That said, stop pointing me in the direction of all these goodies!


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