Stash Fest 2016

My friend Janet gathered together a few friends yesterday, volunteering to be the driver, and we headed to Stash Fest in La Conner. I had wanted to go for several years and I was not disappointed. I was gobsmacked enough that I never once thought to take more photos from inside the venue. Duh!

I am a true fan of Marcia Derse's fabrics and I was especially pleased to be able to snap up a (small) armful. It was like a feeding frenzy! I really should not have bought anything, but I splurged! I seldom have an opportunity to buy her fabrics and see them all in one place so, of course, I was very pleased to also be able to finally meet her. It seems that her fabrics (from Windham) always find their way into my work lately. If I had beaucoup dollars I would surround myself with bolts and make quilts of only her least for a time! She has a new line coming out in be ready to fall in love!

My only other small indulgence was a quarter yard of marbled fabric from Suzi Soderlund. I have no clue what I will use it for but I just like looking at it.
There was not an overload of vendors but there were enough, and each booth was filled with unique offerings. From amazing hand-made baskets from a local artisan, to specialty clothing and fabrics, air-brushed fabrics, Yoko Saito fabrics and kits to small nibbles and drinks (in a separate area!) - it was a well planned, unique day. We did not stay all that long since there was also a glorious, warm and sunny Spring Day to enjoy. We had a wonderful lunch at a Japanese Restaurant, visited our favorite, more or less local, fabric emporium and then headed to the ferry line to wait in the sunshine, enjoy a cool breeze and do some more gabbing. Welcome Spring, thank you friends, and blessings to all.


  1. Oh my gosh! I too love Marsha Derse's fabrics. I found some in Everett 3 years ago and bought a little of each, but on recent trips, they have gone more "country". Isn't LaConner fun? It was one of my Gram's favorite places to go to lunch and we always went to see the tulip fields back when there were many. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. A ferry ride sounds so refreshing. Okay, now I'm homesick. ;)


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