Haikube Play TIme

Today was the day to try out my new toy - the Haikubes. Haiku is a simple matter of of creating a  three line poem composed of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. Using the Haikubes you roll out all of the dice. There are two kubes with red ink and you those to set the tone of your poem...you could use one - or both.  I chose to use both kubes that rolled out : they were "a reflection on" and "my future".  It's not as easy as it may seem to use the kubes that you've rolled out to compose a perfect haiku - a metaphor for life perhaps - using the "kubes" you're dealt I mean!
So this what I compiled from the kubes as they rolled out. 
" I realize love that
God calls my simple dreaming
a life full of heart riches"


  1. How very fun that must be! Wherever did you find those cubes?


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