Beach Theme ATC's

The next ATC swap theme over on Roses On My Table is 'The Beach'. I wanted an old time feel for my cards and this b&w photo was just about perfect. One thing I have wanted to learn how to do is "hand" tint vintage photos in Photoshop. When I was in photography school I consistently enjoyed hand tinting b& w images - so I was eager to se how it might work in Photoshop. I was very pleased with the result - and now that I understand the basics I will be able t refine the technique in the future with old family photographs. The quote is by Jill Davis - and just about says exactly what I feel. I've almost always lived by the sea - and when I have not lived by the sea I have not felt 'whole'.
Some years ago a  friend sent me a bottle of Florida beach sand - I never knew what I would do with it until this theme came along! It's the perfect accessory for this card.  I had to have a 'campy' kind of back - and there again a vintage photo came to the rescue. I mean how more 'beachy' can this scene be !!


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