Happy Mother and Grandmother's Day

Motherhood is an all consuming job - I admire women who do it well. No monetary value can be placed on the job - it' simply worth more than any other job in the world. I feel the same about grandmothers.

My maternal grandmother had a very large influence on my life. I spent summers with her in upstate New York and I cherished the time we spent together. My Mother died at a ridiculously early age and, for the few years that remained in my grandmother's life, she was my rock and my guiding force. My  love for her is complete and I miss her every day. I wish she could lived so much longer but she only lasted for three years after my mother's death - I don't think she ever really recovered from from the loss of her daughter.

I think more and more grandparents seem to be taking over the parenting jobs for their children. How difficult that must be. This special service to the family amazes me. After working their lives to bring up their own children - it takes a special person to step up to the plate when the need to take on that job begins all over again! My wish is for love and blessing to all mothers - and to all grandmothers. I would have been a lost child without my Beloved "TEKE".


  1. Marie, what a beautiful tribute to Mothers and Grandmothers.
    We five children and my parents...all lived with my grandparents for many years before they both passed away (in the same year.) I can't remember the household when they were not there ...until their death.
    Thank you for posting this heartfelt message.
    Glad your grandmother could step in and "fill the gap". I am SURE your grandmother was devestated at her daughters loss...as I have experienced the same loss of my oldest daughter Dawn.
    With love,


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