Hummingbird Heaven

I took about two minutes ago and just had to share it. It's not a great photo since it's near dark and I shot the photo through a window that is not the cleanest! This is the evening scene at hummingbird heavens - a/k/a the feeders. We have 5 quart feeders up this time of year and every night this is how every one of the feeders looks - from dusk all the way until dark. There were a few more around this feeder but the infrared on the flash scared a few away. Right now I am going through about 7 quarts a day. I expect consumption will pick up until the beginning of June and then taper off a bit until they begin tanking up for the migration cycle that begins in mid-July. I love these little birds - small but incredibly tough. Nature is, most truly, the most amazing artist of all!

Now, about 10 minutes since I took the photo - the din has stopped and they've all gone to bed. It's amazing that I can tell when - and how many - feeders are low by the sound of their wings.


  1. wish you could send those hummers over to my neck of the woods! i haven't seen one yet.

  2. That's quite a photo-they glow.

  3. How awesome ! They are such magical little guys !

  4. I'd sit and watch them all day!


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