PhotoShop Play Time

Before -double click if you want
I have been really enjoying learning how to use Photo Shop - and now Light Room as well. DH gave me my birthday present early so I have  the added bonus of being able to play have time now. I have been wanting to settle down and learn this program for many years and I must have felt that the time was right. It is an amazing product - and I know I have barely scratched the surface.

The other day I was in the yard taking some photos of early spring blooms. I have always loved Dandelions in of the color and simple beauty in transformation. I took the photo above Nikkor  AF-s Micro lens 1:2.8 ED VR. It was nice ut I knew there was mote I could do.
After - double click if you want
This was my result - and I had fun along the way !


  1. Lovely! Just lovely! Put this on one of your postcards!



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