Journaling My Day

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I almost felt compelled to make a journal page about this birthday. I had fun doing it and am sure more will filter to the surface, I got to try my little lacquer pots for the first time - I had not thought I would care for them but, used in the right place, they really add a bit of zing and super shine - just like lacquer! I've decided that as long as I keep playing and enjoying the journey I won't grow older !
These circular shapes came from some packaging material that I took apart. I wish I could find more of this foam - it renders a lovely, textured circle shape! I used some cards from friends for some of the small shapes.


  1. Hippo birdy two ewes, sweetie. Lovely journal page.

  2. Thank you for your visit Marie. What a wonderful blog you have here, and your work is just beautiful.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! :-)


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