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Berroco Blackstone Tweed Camus Shawl Finally Finished!

Yeah! Finally finished! I began working on this shawl last October and took the blocking ins out yesterday! I've become fixated on shawls. I love them and wearing them in our capricious climate makes them a perfect accessory.  This pattern is from Berroco and is called the Camus Shawl. It's a large, cuddly sized shawl, that I made even larger. I love the faux woven effect that the pattern makes.  

The yarn is from Berroco's Blackstone Tweed™line. It's a worsted weight yarn with 50 grams yielding 130 yards. Gauge = 18 stitches to 4 inches on a US size 7 needle. Fiber content = 65% wool , 25% mohair, 10% angora rabbit. It's lovely soft yarn that softened even more after being washed and blocked. The only caution I would offer is that when I was adding the "woven" effect - basically running  four pieces of 100 inch strands of yarn through the length of the shawl- the yarn frayed and split quite badly. One entire ball of yarn was almost a total waste. I had to splice a lot. In the future I might consider using a more firmly plied yarn for the 'weave' - although I love the tweedy look of this yarn a lot - so I might choose it again being forewarned of it's propensity to fray. I would suggest buying at least one extra ball of the 'weave' yarn color to allow for any splitting and splicing you might have to do.
 My finished shawl is 72" X 80"   (68.58cm X 203.200cm). 
I made is somewhat larger than the pattern - deciding to just use all of the yarn I had.

Rather than leaving the fringe as is - I braided the first couple of inches. I think it will keep the fringe from tangling as much and I like the finished look better. Difficult to see in the photo below. It really didn't felt as much as it looks like it did.

Now that shawl is finished I am returning to work on my next shawl. An easy lace pattern  called 'The Heartland Shawl' from Cheryl Oberle's great book "Folk Shawls". I'm using Fila Di Crosa Maxime Soft Sock yarn to knit it.


  1. Ummm. Excuse me madame, but I would prefer a shot of you wearing it so I (and others) can see how big it is; and how gorgeous it must be draped on a person!

    Hi Tillie xoxox

  2. LOVELY! This does look like it is woven at this distance. You did a beautiful job. Like to see pics of you wearing it. Looks like something to cuddle around one on a cool evening or in a home with a cool temp.

  3. It's beautiful and would wrap up nice.


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