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15 Minute Journal Page

One of my issues with art journaling - as much as I am obsessed with it - is that I take a long time to make a page. I think there are times when that hinders me. I have to accept the fact that journal pages are intended to be spontaneous - not always planned and, at times, over thought. There is a time and place for that as well but a journal page can be done more quickly. Some of you may know that I am over-saturated with all things that must be "fast, fun and fabulous". Ugh! I like slow cloth, slow food and slow journal page making.
The theme for this month's journal page at The SketchBook Challenge is " Out-On-A-Limb or Branching Out". I happened to watch a little doodle video there by one of my favorite art journalers Diana Trout, author of Journal Spilling. I thought it was exactly what I needed to do to get myself out of the "it-takes-a-long-time" rut. I challenged myself to make a journal page with 15 minutes. using only 3 colors (plus the white of the page and black for ink). No thinking - just doodling. This was the result.

It's not my usual page but it was really freeing to go "out-on-a-limb" to whip out a fast page that said what I wanted it to say. I think there is a useful place for both kinds of pages. Over thinking can be as much of a draw back as thinking too little. How about you? Do you work too fast or too slow? What's our favorite way to work through a page?


  1. Oh, this is inspiring -- I'm so wrapped up with my fiber art, I haven't sketched in months. I used to sketch all the time. Not exactly a journal, but drawing from life, where ever I was. I might consider starting a journal!

  2. That's a great page. I tend to be fast but have been doing fabric and stitching lately.


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