In Case Of Emergency Remind Me ...

Each month the inimitable Michelle Ward from Green Pepper Press posts a challenge theme for the month. This month's theme was "In Case Of Emergency". I think the idea was of a more realistic case but somehow when I started working on the page my thinking became more abstract. Most of  my birth family is gone and so, in case of emergency I want to be reminded of things - about them and about myself. I want to know that tomorrow will be better and that I will still be loved and appreciated.
You can really see ( through some of this glare) how polished I got the surface of the Venetian Plaster that I mentioned in yesterday's post. I am thoroughly besotted with the stuff and have another page drying now. It takes colors beautifully - and, if I make a mistake I can remove color with alcohol easily and completely. I didn't like how bold the text looked on this surface and so I used an alcohol soaked cloth to take it all down a notch. There are some things I am not happy with about this page in general but I had fun learning about the characteristics of this plaster and may spend some time making another page that pleases me more
 It's the photos that don't seem to have a place in this page. although when I first added them they seemed to be right. I guess I better try again .. after another experiment. I guess I better fit in some cleaning and laundry too..... at some point...


  1. I love the faded text, with all the textures showing through ... maybe an image transfer technique would have made the photos blend in more, but they are a good contrast (which is my art prompt for the month) ... a very touching post.


    daisy xx

  2. marie - pretty spread. i love that you chose to interpret through your own filters. that you openly and honestly recorded your thoughts of affirmation should you find yourself in an 'emergency'. bravo!

  3. Nice pages. That stuff is special.

  4. It was interesting to read your pages, and now I need to go back and read about the plaster. The effect is really interesting, and I love the way it buffs up.

  5. oops. I also wanted to alert you that on your comments on others' blogs, when I click on your name, it takes me to your previous blog address. I don't know if you were aware of that, so I wanted to let you know. It was no problem, but it's probably a blogger profile thing?


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