If At First You Don't Succeed : In Case Of Emergency Redux

I wasn't happy with the page I made for Michelle Ward's Crusade #50 - posted earlier today. I just couldn't let it rest so I decided to take more drastic action rather than waste the background which I really liked. I cut out the offending areas and replaced them with old family photos that are close to my heart. Although I would perhaps still like more contrast in the piece I am much happier and now feel that I can move on to another page - of something !


  1. marie - i love that you admitted being frustrated with the pages and decided to have a second go at them. bravo for not pulling out and for determining what could be done that would be more pleasing to you. i love that adding the family faces was the magic element.

  2. Yep, I like the difference, although I liked the first pages too. Just shows how important it is to capture what's in your heart and head when you create. Good on you.

  3. Wow this is a cool re-do! I love seeing the before and after. Very brave.

    This reminds me I have to get cracking on #50 myself!!

    Best wishes from germany,

  4. I looked at both of these versions. This is great, to see the process of an artist's piece. I really like what you did, although I liked the first one, too. Your surfacing practice is really showing some great results.

    Thanks for talkinga bout your process! It helps us all to grow.

  5. I like the first one, as well as the second. But I really love the backgrounds - all the blending of color and text. Glad you tried again. I do that, too, and usually like the page because it's got all these "layers".
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great to see both side by side - the second layout seems to be "tied" together better (? - a bit hard to describe!)

  7. Bravo! This is a great spread!

  8. I love that you added the photos, it makes that background with the textures more tantalizing.


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