Wanna Personal Make-Over?

I was web wandering today and somehow came upon Elle's Make Over App.I didn't really have much hope that it would work very well - mostly because I couldn't think of how they could make it work - but it DOES work. I tried to use the photo above (which is pretty indicative of the "me you would see on the street) and it worked okay but I ended up taking a "no holds barred",no make-up, hair pulled back, cruelly frank full face photo with my computer and uploaded that. No I can;t share that one because it might frighten you as it did me ! Like the old troll lady who lives under the bridge! With this app you have the ability to change your hair - many styles and many colors, jewelry, make-up, (from lipstick, eyeliner,brows, base etc) hats, and accessories. I learned a bit from this little exercise too because I was able to tell what colors work well for me- most I knew but some were a bit of a surprise - and which don't! I don't make a good blond at all and was surprised at how well darker hair worked with my coloring. You are able to adjust to the 'amount' of make-up you're "putting on" and you have the ability to move the hairstyles to fit to your head. The technology works surprisingly well. I was pleased to see what sort of earrings look best on - that was one of the surprises for me.

There weren' t too many short hair styles available but, thanks to this app, I am finally able to set aside my desire for long hair since I realized that short hair really does look so much better on me. This is style that is close to what I have - when I take the time to  brush my unruly curls out - but it is a much darker color than I have now sport - but it's close to what my hair was like when I was younger.  I love these earrings and they are similar to something I would wear too - as is the necklace. If you have a few moments to play you might have fun with this little app. It made me feel better about being older - I guess I can still look okay. Not 25 again but okay! Well done Elle -this little app works great.


  1. Okay, this cracks me up. What a cute thing.
    I like the top one, btw...

  2. Another fun thing to try!


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