23 September 2011

So Much To Tell - How Fast Time Flies

I had a wonderful bit of vacation time. I spent the bulk it home home - having fun trying some new ideas and 'just being'. For a part of my time off my gal pals and I went on out second annual retreat to Roslyn, Washington. Home to the late, great television show "Northern Exposure". I came home and returned to the work - exhausted every day by the time I got home. Hopefully I'll be able to share some of our adventures and photos with you this weekend.

I fell in love with both this old building and the clock that graces it's face. Since I am always bemoaning how fast time flies the quote by Jim Bishop just seemed to fit well. More soon. Happy weekend! Enjoy creating something wonderful!

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  1. Gosh, just realized how many blogs you have -- four? How do you keep them all up? And all just lovely and so creative. Thanks for your comment on my teeth clenching story; glad to make people laugh, helps me to laugh in restrospect at life's challenges that stress me out.
    The Triangle loom wasn't too expensive, about $100 something. You could get the two-foot which doesn't take up much space. I have the 2 foot and 3 foot, and I also got the stand which was a mistake as I don't use it, just work on my lap. But they're small and easy to store.


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