Echoes In My Heart Angel Shrine

the beginning
I always have an inner struggle between quilting and working with mixed media, but now that I am house bound for a time, I have less guilt about it. I cannot get to my sewing machine and fabrics right now so it's easy to allow my mixed media brain to run rampant. I began working on this small angel shrine as a thank you to my adopted sister and friend, Lauren. She always keeps my chin up and goes through extraordinary efforts to do things with me - like taking me to the doctors recently. Sometimes it's difficult to say "thank-you".

These wonderful shrines, as well as many other shrine and doll variations can be found in the "Altered Art Supplies" section on RetroArt Cafe. For making this shrine I used a sheet of watercolor paper that I had painted and fitted to the cutout sizes. I used, my favorite Daniel Smith watercolors, F&W iridescent acrylic ink, heartfelt words, a wee brass bracket, Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer, beads and wire, feathers and charms. I was so happy to have been able to make a 'thank-you' that was unique, and that allowed me to enjoy the world of mixed media.

  •  Do you ever have a struggle between two or mote mediums that you enjoy?
  • Any suggestions about how to manage them all?
  • What are you art addictions?



  1. Marie! The Gratitude Angel is gorgeous! It is so hard to say thank you in a way that truly expresses the deepness of the gratitude and I think your angel does just that. I have yet to dive into the mixed media pool. I have all the supplies (and then some), but I've never been comfortable with paper. I think this next heat spell might be the perfect time to try out some things that have been flitting about in my mind. My biggest problem is letting "have to's" get in the way of "want to's". Take care and keep creating!

  2. Marie,the shrine is wonder ful and thought ful and quite full o magic
    .i wish you well.
    art and gratitude are healers
    your piece shines!

  3. She is as beautiful as her artist maker! She will hold a place of honor in my sewing room. Thank you for this heartfelt gift. Love you!

  4. Your art is stunning and your words are divine. What a special gift! Thank you so much for the inspiration! xoxo

  5. you already know i love this and happy to have met you via retro gallery ... ... great work ... heres to new friendships and more wonderful artworks..


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