OMG I'm a Cover Girl in "Creative Image Transfer" by Lesley Riley

Yesterday's mail brought me a copy (inscribed!) of Lesley Riley's latest book from C&T Publishing, 'Creative Image Transfer'. The most exciting part of receiving this copy is that I am truly honored and humbled to be included among some of the most well known mixed media talents out there - and I am on the cover no less!
I don't think that I ever imagined what an amazing job C&T Publishing would do with the submitted works. It was eerie seeing my bag displayed so beautifully, and I never imagined that the directions that I wrote would look so good either. 

Lesley Riley was an angel with her support and I will be forever grateful to her for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Although I normally find tooting my own horn a difficult thing to do - this time I just want to share my delight!  This book is really fun. The projects are all really unique and I am blushing with pride to have been included! 

This Buddha image has a lot of meaning for me on many levels. The statue stood in the yard of a dear friend whom I got to know in the late 80's and early 90's. She adopted me as a grand-daughter. Velma was 89 when I first met her. Her mind was sharper than mine ever has been. She played bridge, read the LA Times daily, and was just an amazing woman. Her stories about horse drawn  carriages,  the first light bulbs, the first airplane and other historically important events were always riveting. She passed away at 99 +- almost making the century mark. She always delighted me by calling me to say that "the sun was over the yardarm" - meaning that we could enjoy a cocktail- which I dutifully crafted just the way she liked it. I learned a lot from Velma and this image, taken in her front yard, has always brought me good luck.

Thank you Lesly and thank you C&T! "My" Buddha brought me good luck indeed!


  1. Beautiful Mrs. Jo! So proud of you....AGAIN!!

  2. congrats Mz M for sharing your art with the World! and a cover girl !!
    i have admired Lesley since i discovered her way of arting years ago that struck cords with me.
    I am proud of you and fly my Buddha flag from you daily!
    Aloha, Sonja

  3. What a wonderful story!!! Came here via Lesley's blog!


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