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Glue Stories

What a lovely tin this glue comes in! I will be saving it.
Paper glues. Who thinks too much about them? As a matter of I do, because, as the consummate gadget girl, I have to know what works best for me!

Since I am none-to-mobile at the moment I am spending some time appreciating the small things that I am able to do. Thankfully, my mixed media art table is in the living room, which is one of two rooms that I can access. I am grateful to be able to stitch, knit and play with my mixed media art supplies! I thought that, since I can't use a sewing machine right now, I might do a series of posts about some of my favorite products. This will be the first.

I had thought that I had already found my favorite glue for paper (and it is still a favorite.See the bottom of this post) until Kimberly Baxter Packwood introduced me to the wonders of a pretty little tin of Coccoina potato starch glue from Italy. 

Coccoina glue is a revelation to me. This glue is so smooth and silky smooth that it brushes on flawlessly. Adhesion is excellent! They even include a wee brush to make things even easier, and the scent is almond which is an olfactory treat! You can bet that I am returning to Kaufman Mercantile to buy more very soon so that it will be on hand in quantity. I like quantity of things that I really use a lot.
 Who knew that I could become enthralled by a glue ????

This is what the information on Kaufman's Mercantile website says about this amazing stuff:

"... When Coccoina, the solid white glue in the aluminum tin, was first introduced, Italian commercials promoted the trademark with this campaign: "It is not a drug, but a solid glue that amazes and arouses enthusiasm in all who use it.”
One of the principle features of the glue was that, aside from its adhesive quality and light almond scent, you could safely eat it. A thin spread of the glue works well on paper, photos, clothes, labels, and any art project you can get your hands on, and perhaps the most welcome feature is the tiny brush that comes tucked away inside. Any surface where you need a smooth spread of paste can be achieved with this miniature aluminum paintbrush and its tiny bristles of pig hair.  It leaves no clumps that need to be smoothed with a finger. Though the glue is considered a solid, it has a consistency that's neither wet nor dry, and the container provides mess-free use and storage that lasts up to a year. It's safe for children too. Not that they should eat the stuff, but if they do, NBD. All the ingredients are non-toxic, solvent-free, and not dangerous. Use this glue on any paper-related task, from keeping photos together in an album to scrapbooking to pasting receipts for accounting records. If the glue hardens a bit in its tin, it's easy to soften up again. You can scoop it out and gently heat in a saucepan with a small amount of water. When it's slightly liquid, pour it back into the tin, and when it sets, it will be good as new, without any effect on the adhesive qualityFor longer usage, replace the cap tightly after each application. 
Maximum period of storage should not exceed 12 months.... "
My other favorite glue for paper and more is US Artquest Perfect Paper Adhesive. It is more of a liquid that Coccoina glue and I buy a large 16 oz or larger bottle which I then then decant into this small 2 ounce size so that it's always on my desk - now alongside the Coccoina tin! PPA (perfect paper adhesive) is an excellent glue, sealant, finish coat art medium. I especially like the matte finish version, but a gloss version is also available. I convinced my local arts supple store, Creative Passions, (for all of my island friends) to carry this excellent adhesive and think that they are doing well with it.


  1. Am glad to hear you are enjoying the glue, I have two sticks in addition to the little tin so that I have a ready supply on hand at all times.


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