Hay Bale Season & Blogger Options

Seeing the hay being baled is one of my favorite parts of living in a more rural community. It always seems to signal one of my favorite times of year. The bales are so cool -but hard work for the farmers! !

It's been sunny and beautiful here on our island - we've been some much more lucky than so much of the mainland this years. Our temperatures are far more salubrious than what much of the country has suffered with .Today, however, the Oregon Science gadget "told" me that it was 104F on the porch - and 75 in the house (with a small window ac unit running no less!). It's summer and my aches and pains are happy with the warmer, drier weather.

I've got some projects to get worked on but I've been struggling with how to accomplish a couple of things that I wanted to do with my blogs. I registered my domain name some months ago and tried to build a website using both of their suggested method - a WordPress platform or the Weebly Drag'n'Drop platform. I got nothing but major head aches (quite literally) from those exercises in futility. 

I finally realized that, for my purposes, Blogger has been great. I'm very familiar with it at this point and find it it very easy to use. I decided to simply point my domain name to here. It took some time for me to figure it out - mostly because I am so ignorant about this sort of thing but also because Customer Service at my domain host was not taking the time to listen to me and to slowly respond and give me answers that I needed in order to be able to understand. Using their 'chat' line was nothing but slow burn frustration and I was not impressed by their telephone help either. Finally, I tried email support and came across someone who actually seemed to 'get' what I needed and gave me the information that I needed. That was, unfortunately, after I had said that I was going to have to cancel my account with them unless I got someone to help me. This company has no business relationship with Blogger - which I had never thought might be a consideration - but it seems that some domain hosts learn towards functionality with one platform or another - Word Press, Blogger etc. Phew! Mission Accomplished!
My next blogging dilemma was how to import my older blog into my current blog. Zquilts was my first blogger blog and I had it for quite a few years. I had never known until today that I could import that blog into this, my current blog. Eureka! Another wonder of technology.

The only hitch that I can find is that if you are searching for an older post in the current blog the result will come up as "no result" unless you choose "from the web" - if you use that feature it works quite well. I guess it's a work around but it's fine. The older blog still remains as a cyber space entity but I like knowing that all 1000+ posts are here and available.

That's my Saturday and I'm sticking to it. Now back to my more regularly scheduled weekend programming: an ATC about pickles, a project for C&T publishing using one of their new products and a raffle canvas for out local art league.

Have a great Saturday night and Sunday !


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