The Most Fun-To-Knit Hat Imaginable!

Pardon the occasional cat hair in this photo! 

This is the Anemone Hat in progress. I'm almost finished knitting the sides and will soon be finishing up with the crown.

This is a Cat Bordhi pattern. It's call the "Anemone Hat" and when I saw it on Ravelry over the weekend and just couldn't resist the urge to try it out ! The pattern has options for multiple sizes as well as the option to begin the hat with either a mobius or a simple circular style (my choice for this first attempt).  It's is SO much fun to knit! The tendrils looked impressive and complicated to me at first glance but in reality they couldn't be easier to make!

Wearing hats is new to me. I used to have very thick hair and never got that cold nor do I like the way I look in hats. With some years gathering on me though my hair has become thinner than it used to be and hats are becoming more of a desirable accessory to have on hand. That being said, I am terribly finicky about what hats I will or won't wear. This one couldn't be any more fun to make or to wear. Someone on your gift list needs to have this hat for a gift!


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