My Favorite New Cure For Dried Up Paint Jars !

Badger Airbrush Mini Mixer
How many of us pick up a jar of paint only to find that it's unusable because it has dried out? I got so tired of that happening that I began to look for something that would help me rejuvenate the paint - saving me money and headaches. Most paint mixers are made for gallon buckets of paint and I was having little luck finding something that would work in my small jars of paint. That is until I discovered this little gem! It's one perfect little gadget that won't break your budget either! It's a bargain that really does it job.
Made by the well know airbrush company Badger, this little mixer is battery operated (AA) and has been worth it's weight in gold - or really, in paint! I just open a jar of dried up paint, add distilled water and mix away - leaving me with 'normal, beautiful, color that's ready to look shine again.  I've taken a jar of paint that was so dried up that I had little hope of resurrection. I added some distilled water and let it sit a bit and then mixed it, adding more water as needed, until the paint was good as new!
This is the 'working end' of this little marvel. Does the job and it's easy to clean !

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  1. Great idea! I don't use much of that sort of paint, but this tool seems like it would be useful for lots of things.


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