The Weekend's Muse

A little mixed media canvas
The Muse was generous with her gifts this weekend. Things  seemed to flow with ease. Maybe that's partially because I got some projects that had been looming over me done and put of the way. It felt good to make things simply because I wanted to and not because I had to!

A Super quick little mixed media piece made using Ampersand's StampBord. I'd had these squares of it in my drawer for a long time and just decided that I wanted to give it a try before I ordered some Ampersand AquaBoard and some Artist Panels for other projects I have in mind. I LIKE this stuff a lot and will be ordering more. It takes anything and everything that you can throw on it and behaves well no matter what. I even painted this square, didn't like it, washed all of the paint off  and began all over again with no ill affects. Have I said that I really like it?!
This "purse-within-a-tote organizer" is a demo piece that I am just mailing out to C&T Publishing tomorrow. They are about to introduce this material as a  new product. Sixteen of us were lucky enough to grab a slot to make projects using it. My bag was made to look like aged faux leather. I stamped with one of own hand cut stamps and then colored it. I'll add more later about this great new product when I have discovered when C&T plans to introduce it to the public. Trust me though - it's a product that has many applications and I think it will be a great seller. Yes! You will want to try some.


  1. That organizer is stunning. I can't believe all the creative things you do!


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