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I'm A Believer! The Wonders of a Purell transfer

I wanted to be able to enclose a little something in some thank-you notes I was mailing out and decide to try making little blessing patches. I found that using Golden Fluid Matte Medium worked but, quite honestly I wasn't too thrilled with the results . The image on the right is transferred with matte medium. Last night I decided that I needed to make a few extra extra patches and thought "why not try Purell" - I'd read about it at some point although I had no recollection of what to do or how to do it. I lightly spread just a bit of Purell on the flannel patch and then tried to transfer the image. Voila! I was gobsmacked! This was crystal clear- perfect. Oh! Why hadn't I tried this before they had all been sent out?!!  The Purell samples are on the left. Amazing! I remember reading that only the brand name Purell will work - so now I'm on the hunt for a large economy size. Anyone know where to get it?!

Left- Purell                                   Right- Matte medium
In another, unrelated, amusing issue. An all things fountain pens site that I frequent posted a question this morning about what was on your desk. Most photos were very pristine - orderly. Some ink wells, books, pens and pads of course. I decided since the question had been asked I would ass a photo of my desk to the lot. My chaos is a stark difference from the orderliness of many! It made me chuckle!

Lotus asked about the process - so I thought I'd add this small addendum:

I have, thus far, tried Purell on Polyester, cotton flannel and paper.

1.    I used Apollo inkjet transparency film( NOT the QUICK DRY one) - I also plan to try DASS's  transfer films as well an InkAid's.

2.    I used my finger to spread a bit of of Purell around on the fabric/paper - not a lot but enough to dampen the area that will be covered with the transfer. Then I placed the transfer on top of the fabric/paper and used a teflon folder to burnish the film onto the fabric/paper. I did use a firm hand with the folder.

3.    Then I peeled the film off and - lo and behold - a perfect, total, crisp, transfer!

I know that there are other posts about this technique on the web. I think the DASS (Digital Alchemy) site mentions it.

You could join Leslie Rileys Yahoo Group too - lots of information in the files. Great group!

It's like magic...and I am pleased with these results - some of the clearest images I've ever gotten - and I almost didn't try it !


  1. Sweet! Loving the art table! How can you truly have fun when you don't have tons of stuff to inspire you?!? Wonderful!
    As for the purell transfer, can you point me to some directions, or tell me how? This looks very cool!

  2. This seems rather magical...
    ...and since being 'germy' has rather come back in fashion lately
    (, it's a good use for all of that unused Purell!! :)

  3. oh, to me, your desk top is a thing of great beauty and joy hehehe :)


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